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Billy’s Photography 2010-09-13 00:54:00

Now everybody can hire a photographer!


Hi, I’m Billy welcome to my blog where I showcase my professional and leisure work.


To offer affordable professional photography service


Being innovative by providing tailor made packages

Inexpensive photography service

Looking out for charitable events to provide services

Looking to photograph

YES to expanding new techniquess




testting one two three and i want to say thank you to all of you for visiting my bsdkfjkp jjr djf afjg gnpjsgh tjhav ehgjdgh jrjkth brj gdhjfh fj

Billy’s Photography 2009-11-02 09:30:00

Hello peeps i am returning back. Still trying to settle down in Penang but my hand gatai after i sell my cam and now im back with a new cam. Guess what it is.

Yup you guessed it right/ Tneh… you guess it wrong.

It is the Canon 40d. But now all my lenses are in Miri so looking to buy one here.Well not a new model but, it is a major upgrade 6.5 fps woots…. SO what am i looking for to match with this baby. If you have any of the below and want to sell please do contact me.
1.Canon 70-200 f4L USM
2.Sigma 28-70 f2.8
3.Tamron 24-135 macro di ld
4.Canon 28-135 USM IS/NON IS
5.Sigma 24-70 f2.8
6.Tamron 28-75 f2.8
7.Canon 17-85 USM IS

RM 500 Space camera

Check this out guys i found this amazing, pictures of a curvature of the earth. Done with less than $150. That relates to about Rm500 +/-.
They beat Nasa to it. Anyone up to a diy project ;)

ANyway here’s how it should look like but this picture here comes from Nasa ;)
What they used
Hand warmer
Beer cooler
GPS Equipped cellphone
Some duct tape of course


Vote Vote!!

Hey people i need some help here ;P, it’s for your own good to hehehe,you get to learn some photography stuff. Come come register at this forum and vote for my picture in the Taknak chimping event. I dunno what i’ll get though ;P

Remember vote for this pic that is picture 12, Vote here

Overhaulin’ and Sunset at Marina Bay

Blog under revamption:
As you have guessed if you’ve visited since the last post i am in the process of updating the blog layout and also correcting picture size. I believe a photoblog should have a bigger layout as it will allow for picture posting.

In the meantime

Was mising home and was looing at this pic the other day which gives me nostalgic feelings, so decided to post it here.
Take with a compact point and shoot canon powershot a400

Will be back


Haha first time i heard it i thought it was hokkien for very Gay. But nah. It is an event  where they compete to balance the flag.Big big big flag

The flag pole (bamboo pole) and the flag are the main materials for Chingay. The length of the flag pole ranges from 25 ft to 32 ft, the length of the flag is around 25 ft, the total weight of these materials is around 60 pounds

I googled and asked around, there is suppose to be floats but since this is a competition then i guess this is not a full fledge parade. And i found out the word originated in Penang and Singapore is emulating the culture. In Singapore and Penang there would be a big parade. You can read more here

But anyway i arrived late and the end.It was time for the price giving ceremony and i was only armed with a borrowed 50mm lens. Definite no no to take these huge flags. So here are some of my crappy shots for the end of the event. Didn’t even see any performance.


This last picture is totally unrelated to the Chingay competition. I went to the monthly Penang Road Sunday market (Only last sunday of the month) and these fellas were seen all around offering free hugs. If only they were available everywhere. Anytime I just feel like hugging, i’ll just go hug them.

Ho Chiak Cafe Miri

I have been camless for a while, but i have some pictures to share on food that i took for my dad’s Coffee Shop. Ho Chiak Cafe, Miri.
So for all Miri people go try it out. Been around for a year and now new items are added on the menu.
What i would recommend is the Fried noodles, the Tofu Noodles, and the Foo Chow Mee Sua. On drinks the favourite so far that the customers have been coming back for is the Cincau ‘c’, Bandung and Red Bean.
Economy fast food is also available during lunch hour. So here goes…Full menu click read more

Wedding of Godfrey and Louise

Ok was really busy last week and fell sick from fatique. Done two shots last week, one was for a wedding and another for my dad’s coffeshop. Will post up the FOOOOOOOOD later on.
Here’s the wedding. Congrats to Godfrey and Louise. There’s a video of all the pics at the end. To view please click read more

1000D Gone

T.T, It’s gone now, I’m sad.

SOLD.Well but i should be happy, funding $$$ for a ‘L’. Have to see how first hehe, need more $$$.


Sorry to all my readers who have yet to see any update form me. I just came back home and was helping out at home. I owe many people many pics and i am only free lately.
The following series was taken when i was on holiday in Taiping. Among the places i went was Taiping war cemetery and Maxwell’s hill. I am not going to talk much, i’ll let the pictures do the talking.

IMG_3953   IMG_3961


IMG_3965_copy IMG_3975

IMG_3976 Maxwell Hill abandoned


Asus P320 mobile photography blogging

Hello people sorry i have not been updating the blog as i have been packing my stuff to send back to Sarawak and have been travelling around.
In the mean time i was away from the internet world, i got myself a new backpack that is huge enough to snuck in my camera bag and laptop bag with some clothes. Yup you read it right. BAGS in a bag. Not the cam and lappy but both of that and their bags.In the meantime…

I’ve also got myself a new mobile phone as the last one i bought was 2 years ago and is really in RUGGED shape hehe.
It’s an ASUS P320. It has as 2mp AF camera which i deem will be enough for some simple pics. I will be using it for blogging on the go while i am travelling. or allow me to take some simple pics when i miss bringing out my cam. Will update again later. Here’s a pic of how the phone looks like.
Photo source: GSM Arena

Photography Final Exam


Exam slip It’s my final paper this semester and also the LAST i’m going to take in UUM. Yays!!!Moving to Penang from Kedah.

I better go study now…Theoretical knowledge seems far more complicated than practical. Going against any theoretical rules is a no no. On the practical side, as long as the pictures look nice it ok, break any rules and make the picture into something that you want it’s ok.

Will share my knowledge with my readers after i graduate and when i am free to document it. Thinking of working for Canon as i want to get staff price for the L lenses, hehe.

Anyways ciao…

Photography Contest: Post and Win a free trip

Looking for a free holiday getaway.
Have skills in photography?(Well not needed actually
Creative in writing?
Have the desire to travel?
Have a mastercard? (You gonna get free cash)

It’s a photography contest folks, click to find out more

The star and Malaysian airlines i organising a photography competition.
All you need to do is
1.submit a picture in accordance with the theme for that week not exceeding 1.5mb and 72dpi.
2.Write about your 3 most memorable experience in the place in less than 50 words
3.Click the send button( Wala you’re done…)

The prizes are
Wave 1 four (4) days three (3) nights holiday package for two (2) to Bangkok
Wave 2 five (5) days four (4) nights holiday package for two (2) to Perth
Wave 3 five (5) days four (4) nights holiday package for two (2) to Delhi
Wave 4 five (5) days four (4) nights holiday package for two (2) to Beijing
Wave 5 six (6) days four (4) nights holiday package for two (2) to London
Wave 6 six (6) days four (4) nights holiday package for two (2) to Rome

Dates are from 11th April 2009 until 20 August 2009
There’ll be a contest every three week.
Unfortunately i wasn;t free to let all of you know earlier, but anyways the prizes at the end are more lucrative. All said, send in your shots people.

Here is the link

Cameron Highlands

Well i wanted to share something with you guys, These are some shots i took in Cameron highlands last year while i was there on a trip.



Yup…See the dates, proudly shot on film. A Eos 300v. Click to see more pics

 IMG_0003 grayscaled_bpsig


Yeah that place was filled with flowers, i just realised most of my photos of the flowers were yellow.

Finally something different, this is one of my favourite photos in my photo collection. Tomatoes


These tomatoes were taken when I was on a trip to Cameron Highlands. I was happily snapping pictures of roses when I saw it dangling on its main plant located at the edge of the garden where there was a pit below and a house on the opposite. I had to cling onto the wooden pillar beside it to produce this picture. It made me feel like the tomato at that moment.-Billy

Canon Foto book printing promotion

Promotion again. Economy must be really bad needs consumer to spend.
I don’t know if you guys have seen this before but for those who want to make a memorable book for any occasion can try this promotion by Canon now.They’re giving 20 extra pages for Rm 10 only. Cheapest deal comes at Rm79 for 8×8.

Disclaimer again: I don’t work for canon.

Click to get the link


Just wanted to share something random, bla bla bla, I’m stressed today that’s why.


4D Lottery Scam

Happy Aprils Fool! A bit too late i guess cause line was bad in PG.

Anyways i guess some of you might have known that the winning ticket that i posted earlier was a fake,?(Photoshopped) one of my friends thought it was real. Lolx.
What was funny yesterday was that, someone actually thought today was a holiday because of Najib’s Inauguration as the new prime minister. Hey it’s tomorrow ok ;).
Have a nice day ciao…